Surge Owners


The facts are that Surge Coffee Bar & Billiards sits on 6200 square feet in the Albany Park area. It has 14 professional pooltables, a 20-person U-shaped bar and a contemporary atmosphere. Sprinkle in a full coffee shop every morning and a full cocktail and food menu in the evening....that rounds off all the facts. But there's more to us than the facts. Surge Coffee Bar & Billiards came from our desire to bring a social hub and a place of community to Albany Park, similar to our other location, Pressure Billiards in Edgewater. Centered around a recreational sport, Surge aims to be a place where the diversity of the area is represented in the diversity of the services we offer. Come work, shoot pool, have drinks with friends or sip coffee…just know you’re welcome!




Good morning. Rise and Shine. Wake up. Coffee is a necessity in the lives of many. Great coffee is for those lucky enough to find it. Enter Metropolis Coffee Company …locally roasted and brewed daily at Surge. Whether you are looking for that morning latte or afternoon iced coffee, we have you covered. As an added bonus, our house blend is a dark roast from Aspire Coffeeworks. Every cup of that goes towards a good cause!


Meet for drinks. Catch a game. Grab a bite. Keeping it local, you’ll find liquors in our well from chdistillery and drafts from breweries around the region. While socializing on our 20-seat, U-shaped bar, be sure to try our hand-crafted house cocktails. If your choice of drink is wine, beer, cider or a martini, we have you covered. Looking forward to seeing you at the bar.


A sea of blue…tables that is. 14, 9-ft Brunswick Gold Crown IVs are scattered in 4,000 square feet of open space, surrounded by a contemporary atmosphere. Tables good enough for those looking to work on their shot and inviting enough to bring a date to. No skill required at Surge. As long as you enjoy music, drinks and socializing with friends, the pool is just a way to spend time with buds. After all, you miss every shot you don’t take (had to put that in here).


Albany Park
Logan Square